Metamorphic Rock Classification: Changing Under Pressure

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Change is coming — but how much? Geology pupils discover the transformation of metamorphic rock using a well-rounded interactive. Topics include the effects of pressure and temperature on metamorphic rock, how time factors into the changes that occur, and foliated versus non-foliated rock.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Need written proof of students' progress? Have pupils answer the questions at the end of the resource and hand them in
  • Ask the class to compare the effects of temperature and pressure on rocks to other situations they may be familiar with, such as gases or chemical reactions
Classroom Considerations
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  • Learners should have an understanding of rock types before viewing the interactive
  • The interactive operates smoothly and illustrates the gradual change that occurs in metamorphic rocks
  • Scholars see the correct answers, with rationales, after each question they answer
  • None