Mini-Media Literacy Project

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This Mini-Media Literacy Project activity also includes:

Encourage your pupils to think critically about media and the messages media portrays. Starting off with a quick-write about pop culture, this assignment launches into a hands-on, collaborative collage project. After creating collages, partners take a gallery walk, respond to a series of questions, and come up with a message they would like to say to the media. A separate assignment page is included for the message requirements.

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  • Will cause individuals to think about the messages media is sending out and offers a place for pupils to respond to these messages
  • Since the resource is a Word document, you can easily edit times or specific details as desired
  • Incorporates art, collaboration, critical thinking, and music
  • Teacher will need to acquire listed supplies, and may wish to change some materials to make the process cleaner
  • Some individuals will need more direction than provided here, possibly in the form of examples