Mom Will Find the Fox

Fox, box, shop, got... what do all of these words have in common? The short /o/ sound! Give your class some practice with the short /o/ poem by reading the poem on this worksheet. Learners also answer three included reading comprehension questions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • While reading, have learners circle the words that include the short /o/ sound
  • Require individuals to highlight or underline the answers to the reading comprehension questions in the poem
  • Use this worksheet in a teacher-led station; you read it out loud and practice the short /o/ sound
Classroom Considerations

  • There are a few words that include /o/ sounds that are not the short /o/ sound; kids should take care when identifying the short /o/ sounds

  • The poem has a sort of quick rhythm that goes well with the many words with short /o/ sounds
  • Learners can use the handwriting lines as a support while writing their responses to the reading comprehension questions

  • This does not have an answer key; however, answers should be easy to determine