Monster Physics™

Physics fanatics will shriek over this monster-themed construction application! They design an invention with the intention of competing one of 50 missions and test it out with real physics applications. 

6th - 12th Science 35 Views 13 Downloads
App Overview

The objective is to complete missions by combining shapes, connectors, and other special parts. Endless combinations will provide countless days full of challenge! From the main screen, find the following features:


  • Tutorial: Provides simulations to show how to construct inventions
  • Training: Provides practice with different physics concepts
  • Beginner
  • Advance
  • Challenge

Select Player:

  • Up to five players
  • Tap Free Slot to select body, eyes, mouth, arms, legs, and a name


  • Create a contraption
  • Choose  from six selections of scenery
  • Choose from four gravity strengths
  • Tap the eye and the part you want to follow on the screen


  • Definitions and demonstrations for gravity, friction, joints, speed & velocity, acceleration, mass, density, and force

Blue Info Button:

  • Lists credits
  • Leads to Settings, where music and sound can be turned on or off, and players can be removed
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    Curriculum application is lacking

  • Worth the money
  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning

    Tutorial and training features available

  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    Players can customize monsters; teachers can add and remove players or control sound

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

Assign pairs of physicists individual missions. Have them complete their missions and then write an explanation of the physics behind their success. What didn't work? What did work? Why?

Classroom Considerations

It is imperative to proceed through the Tutorial in order to understand the Missions. Ideally, players should also complete the Training group before embarking on Beginner, Advanced, and Challenge groups. Even so, the Missions are quite challenging! Be aware that even the most technically-savvy may become frustrated.

Although choices of monsters parts range from youngster-appealing, cute, and cuddly, to quite ugly, the concepts required for mastery are more likely to be taught in an introductory physical science curriculum. 

  • Engaging graphics
  • 68 parts provide countless invention possibilities
  • Requires an extensive amount of time to master individual Missions
  • Physics concepts not identified within Missions