Morals, Values, and Beliefs

What is integrity? What are the barriers that could keep a person from acting with integrity? How might these barriers be overcome? Class members tackle these questions as part of a course on Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual (SPECS) health.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Many of the worksheets and journals are used in multiple sessions and multiple years; therefore, have class members create a special folder for these materials and have them bring this folder to each class session
Classroom Considerations

  • Preview the entire packet to determine if the approach and activities are appropriate for your learning situation
  • The series presumes that a protocol has been established that permits a safe and respectful discussion of highly-charged issues

  • The seven-page packet includes activities, discussion questions, journal prompts, and worksheets

  • The labeling of the handouts may prove confusing since they have both a resource number and an activity number 
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