Moths vs Butterflies

What's the difference between a chrysalis and a cocoon? A chrysalis comes from the butterfly's skin, while a cocoon comes from any nearby materials a moth uses. The Brain Scoop video explains the similarities and differences between moths and butterflies in a video as part of the larger Insect playlist. It discusses different methods to visually distinguish them—making it easier for your class to keep them straight.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Find children's books that get the science wrong, i.e. they say the butterfly spins a cocoon
  • Add new vocabulary to science journals
Classroom Considerations

  • Relies on some prior knowledge of the life cycle of moths and/or butterflies

  • Includes a Skyrim reference for all the gamers watching
  • Provides subtitles in 10 languages for English learners

  • None