Lesson Plan

Moving Air

In lab groups, young scientists place aluminum cans with a bubble-solution cap into different temperatures of water to see what size of bubble dome forms. As part of an atmosphere unit in preparation for learning about convection currents, or a matter unit when studying the density of gases, this is a fabulous fit! 

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  • Thoroughly written lesson plan even has a teacher's demonstration video
  • A neat observation sheet is provided in Spanish for your English language learners
  • Math and reading resources available to bring an interdisciplinary element
  • Projection slides help lab groups more clearly understand the apparatus setup
  • The need for three aluminum cans per lab group may be difficult to meet; a week or two before this lesson, ask your class members to each bring a clean, empty can to class
  • Freshly cut aluminum cans are sharp! Make sure to cover the edges with duct or masking tape prior to teaching the lesson