Multiplying and Factoring Polynomial Expressions (part 2)

If you can multiply binomials, you can factor trinomials! This is the premise for a lesson on factoring. Pupils look for patterns in the binomials they multiply and apply them in reverse. Examples include leading coefficients of one and those with GCFs. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use board work and pair share strategies to allow for frequent checks for understanding
  • Include examples that do not factor to encourage comparisons to problems that do not allow for the pattern
Classroom Considerations

  • Individuals should be able to multiply binomials prior
  • The second installment in a series of 26

  • Connecting factoring to multiplication of binomials gives learners an understanding of the process rather than simply memorizing steps
  • All handouts, keys, and a detailed teacher guide are included
  • An exit ticket is included

  • None