Multiplying Polynomials

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Without ever relying on the FOIL trick, this presentation carefully walks young algebrists through multiplying binomials by a monomial and by each other. Examples start easy, but move into complicated pairings of coefficients, positives and negatives, and multiple variables to different powers. Care is taken to write out each step, including the distribution of the first binomial over the second. Also explicitly explained in each problem are the mechanics of multiplying terms with both coefficients and exponents, along with do's and don'ts of combining like terms. A solid introductory lesson that also would make for great remediation when the FOIL mnemonic isn't cutting it.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Great for classroom website posting for learners to view prior to class in a flipped classroom model or for on-demand remediation after introducing the topic
  • Consider using in a geometry class for remediation when working area problems where linear measurements contain variables
  • Having learners work similar problems with the order of the polynomials reversed in the multiplication provides a strong exercise demonstrating the commutative power of multiplication
Classroom Considerations

  • Weaknesses in applying exponent rules and combining like terms will quickly be apparent, so prepare remediation ahead of time
  • Video requires access to both the Internet and YouTube's streaming video service
  • Variations covered include multiplying a binomial by a monomial and multiplying two binomials
  • Before moving on to the solution and explanation, consider pausing the video after each problem's introduction to allow for seat work and questions

  • Calm and pleasant-voiced narration
  • Emphasis on basic properties and strong mechanics
  • Plentiful examples that scaffold in difficulty
  • Each problem worked, written out, and fully explained in a step-by-step fashion

  • No inclusion of practice problems and answers
  • No mention of the commutative property or ease of switching binomial order
  • No printable slides or notes provided
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