My Favorite Book

A simple question can spark such a range of responses and creative thought. Use this writing prompt to get your youngsters talking about the thrills and adventures of reading, as they detail their favorite books, what they are about, and why they prefer those choices over others.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use this prompt as an assessment at the beginning or end of the year, or as general prompt for daily journal writing
Classroom Considerations

  • Have learners continue their writing on the back of the page or on a separate sheet of paper
  • You may want to provide other mini-prompts to help youngsters be as descriptive as possible in their writing (i.e. Who are the main characters? Is there a problem that anyone is trying to solve? How did the book make you feel?)

  • Simple, easily accessible prompt
  • Worksheet is immediately ready to administer

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