My Memory Book

Look back on the school year by spending a few days putting together books that learners can reflect on in the coming years. Learners note down personal information and their favorite things, respond to questions with goals, stories, and reflections, and add photos and images.

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Instructional Ideas

  • On the last day of school, invite pupils to share their books with one another and add to the autograph page
  • Support students by walking them through some of the more difficult response sections and providing sentence frames and starters
Classroom Considerations

  • The lines for learners to write on vary in size; some are a bit on the smaller side, so you may wish to offer the option to type up a response and paste it in the space

  • Asks learners to think about goals, reflect on their learning and other achievements, practice writing brief narratives, and consider current events
  • The instructions on each page are clear

  • None