Myself and Others

This Myself and Others unit also includes:

Self reflection is an important skill to reinforce in our children, and it's especially helpful to help them realize who they are in the context of their environment. A collection of lessons about self image and community encourage kindergartners to determine how they are the same and different from their peers, including characteristics of their family traditions, life experiences, and physical traits.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the lessons at the beginning of the school year to help your class get to know each other
  • Add lessons and activities to your existing curriculum as they become relevant to your instructional themes (family, community, physical traits, etc.)
  • Send home some of the worksheets and projects for kindergartners to practice with parents
Classroom Considerations

  • Unit is designed for kindergarten, but works for older elementary learners as well

  • Includes instruction models based on the traditional Bloom's Taxonomy, as well as the edited format
  • Provides an assessment rubric for the Venn diagram activity
  • Offers a variety of classroom activities to engage learners, including creating a time capsule and applying discussion questions to characters from a story

  • Does not offer many handouts or worksheets for learners; most templates are for teacher planning