NaCl Formation

Ever wonder how salt forms? Watch as a video instructor adds a solid sample of sodium to chlorine gas to form salt. The video then explains chemistry concepts associated with the reaction.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video to demonstrate the formation of NaCl, especially if the experiment cannot be performed in the classroom or lab
Classroom Considerations

  • Video uses chemistry terms associated with chemical reactions, such as ionization energy, Coulombic interactions, electron affinity, exothermic, etc.
  • Be sure learners have enough chemistry knowledge to understand what is occurring in the video

  • The reaction produces bright orange flames, which amazes and engages learners
  • Short length of the video makes it a good instruction to a more thorough demonstration or experiment in class

  • Lab performer eats a hard-boiled egg, violating a basic lab safety rule
  • During the demonstration, the performer pulls out a sample of previously prepared salt rather than using the results of the experiment