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Reading about history is nothing like experiencing it firsthand. Encourage your eighth graders to do the next best thing with a historical narrative prompt, in which they describe the experience of a first-time traveler on the Transcontinental Railroad. The prompt provides two documents on which learners can based their narrative essays.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Join forces with a social studies class to create a cross-curricular assignment during their unit on the Transcontinental Railroad
  • After they create their characters, have classmates pair up to write scripts between their characters based on a common conflict or plot
  • Have your class complete further research on the time period before revising their essays to reflect additional information 
  • Use the prompt as an in-class writing assessment to check for understanding after your unit on the California Gold Rush
Classroom Considerations
  • Doesn't include a teacher lesson plan, but the instructions are explanatory
  • A great way to introduce or reinforce document-based writing for middle schoolers
  • Restates the prompt after the passages for quick reference
  • None
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