Unit Plan

NASA Engineering Design Challenges - Spacecraft Structures

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What kind of design challenges are there in building structures to support rocket engines? The unit takes design teams through the process of building the lightest possible thrust support structure that can withstand the necessary forces to launch a rocket at least three times. Teams design, build, and test their structures leading to redesigns. Once the team has the optimum design, they develop a presentation via storyboards.

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Instructional Ideas
  • After teams have designed and tested their structures, vary the weight of the rocket and see if the structures can still meet the new requirements
Classroom Considerations
  • Build the rockets and launcher prior to beginning this unit
  • The extensions can add several days to the time to complete the unit
  • The masters section contains a flier that can be sent home to parents
  • A section of the unit is devoted to linking the design activity to science principles
  • None