Neuropathfinding: Kinesthetic Model

Playing follow the leader has never been so interesting! Get the class up and moving while they take on the roles of nervous system components. Through trial and error, they learn the importance of the "pioneer" growth cone that leads other growth cones down the correct path to their receiving neuron. The plan provides everything you need to prepare: materials, questions, and guiding questions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Try having learners perform the Scents procedure with less pleasant odors (tuna fish or similar strong smell) and compare the results
Classroom Considerations

  • Review the materials required for this activity and prepare them in advance, particularly the overhead projector and transparencies
  • Consider the age and abilities of your learning groups; you may need to adjust some portions of the activity accordingly

  • There are a variety of roles within the activity to keep pupils engaged
  • The lesson provides a hands-on approach to learning about a complex topic

  • None