Newton Car

If a car gets heavier, it goes farther? By running an activity several times, teams experience Newton's Second Law of Motion. The teams vary the amount of weight they catapult off a wooden block car and record the distance the car travels. They also vary the number of rubber bands to catapult the weight.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have teams make scatter plots using mass vs. distance and number of rubber bands vs. distance while holding the third variable constant
  • Perform multiple trials with the same force and mass
Classroom Considerations

  • Newton Cars must be constructed prior to use
  • The rubber bands should be positioned at the center of mass of the container

  • Provides tips to help with the acquisition of materials and consistency of setups
  • The data collection sheet requests an analysis of the data to explain the relationship among force, weight, and distance

  • The bar graph is not necessarily the best way to display the data