Normal Stuff in Not-So-Normal Places

How do everyday materials behave in unusual environments? is the driving question of this entertaining video about the properties of matter. To answer the question, the boiling point of water is examined at ground level, at the top of Mt. Everest, and then in space.  

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Instructional Ideas

  • Flip your classroom; assign this link as homework so scholars come to class prepared to discuss and apply the information presented to them 
  • Schedule time to research additional materials, and what happens to them when they are in different environments 
Classroom Considerations

  • Be prepared for some giggles when the host briefly mentions what happens to astronauts' urine in space
  • This video is part of a series that is designed to educate youth about the properties of matter; to view more videos like this one, click on the links that appear after the credits 

  • Viewers will be highly engaged with the video's captivating graphics, cartoon characters, sound effects, and jokes 
  • Information is presented verbally and visually in detail along with highlighted terms to reinforce the topic's comprehension 

  • The host speaks quickly; some learners may find it challenging to take notes or answer comprehsnion questions without pausing or replaying the video