Ocean Acidification

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Human impacts on the environment can sometimes be difficult to measure, especially under water! An activity centered on ocean acidification gives science scholars the opportunity to examine the effects of carbon dioxide on marine life. Working pairs view a demonstration, analyze and interpret data, then make predictions using their findings.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Add the activity to a marine ecosystems unit for an impactful look at the effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide on animal species and habitats
  • Incorporate some scientific reading with an article about acidification in the Great Barrier Reef
Classroom Considerations
  • Set up the seawater tank in advance of the lesson to ensure the solution is well-mixed and circulating; you will need an aquarium tank and pump to accomplish this
  • Laminate posters and graphs, then have pupils place the colored stickers on them
  • The seawater demonstration is very effective in illustrating the effects of added carbon dioxide on Earth's oceans
  • Teacher's guide contains helpful tips for planning, as well as all of the necessary printables
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