Ocean Currents

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Go with the flow! The eighth installment in a 13-part series has earth science students dive in to the world's system of ocean currents. The interactive illustrates the different types and depths of currents, how wind and gravity influence currents, and the cycling of water between oceans. The lesson and all of its materials are fully printable to accommodate your class.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils construct a diagram that shows the amount of time it takes for different ocean currents to complete a full cycle
  • Use the Coriolis Effect landing simulator as a fun in-class competition
Classroom Considerations

  • Make sure each learner has access to a computer to complete the activities

  • Critical thinking questions that accompany the interactives help you dig in to their level of comprehension
  • Relating currents and weather helps to build a sense of interconnection between the atmosphere and oceans that scholars can relate to

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