/oe/ Word List

This /oe/ Word List worksheet also includes:

Home, though, smoke. Help readers develop phonemic awareness, the conscious awareness of the sound structure of words, with an exercise that asks them to identify and highlight the /oe/ sound in a list of 39 words. The exercise is 10th in a series of 16 resources designed to develop the awareness skills needed to detect the vowel sounds in words.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Laminate the cards to permit reuse
  • Some learners with dyslexia benefit from reading materials printed in dark brown ink on beige paper rather than the stark black ink on white paper
  • Present only a few words at a time to reduce stress
Classroom Considerations

  • Although designed specifically for learners with dyslexia, the cards may be used to teach phonemic awareness to all those learning to read

  • Only one sound is introduce on each card
  • Attached to the resource is a scrabble game that features the /oe/ sound

  • None
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