Open Letter to the President: Physics Education

Does something seem missing from your Physics class? Is it ... excitement? Current physics topics? The latest discoveries? The video explains some of the "gaps" in most physics curricula throughout the United States. Scholars learn to go beyond pushing a block up an inclined plane and expand their view of the subject to include special relativity and quantum mechanics — material often considered too hard for secondary physics students due to the calculations. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video to build a bridge between Physics I and AP Physics
  • Use the contents to start a school-wide Physics Awareness campaign, complete with posters, speeches, and projects
Classroom Considerations
  • Learners may not be aware of the standards for physics education in your district; review them or distribute a copy prior to showing the resource so the class has some understanding of the narrator's point of view
  • The video brings awareness to the subject without being preachy
  • The narrator takes examples of current curriculum requirements and shows how to extend them to include a greater depth of knowledge in physics
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