Operation Math Code Squad

Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is math skills practice. In this app, Mission Impossible meets basic number operation skills, and your students are the secret agents. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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App Overview

Operation Math Code Squad is a fast-paced game that helps build fluency in basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of positive integers. The app has the form of a four-sided game board that can be played, at the same time, by 1 to 4 people. Each player takes a side of the board and types in the numerical answer to the problem spinning in the center of the board. The first one to type in the correct answer gets credit for the problem. At the end of the game, players are given a rating (1st to 4th) of their ranking, based on the number problems they were the first to correctly answer.

Play Modes:

  • Addition only Subtraction only
  • Multiplication only
  • Division only
  • Addition and subtraction mixed
  • Multiplication and division mixed
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division mixed

Each game is broken down into a number of different stages. If the group makes it through all levels of the game without reaching the maximum number of allowable errors, the mission is deemed a success. However, even if the mission is lost, the game does provide positive feedback and encouragement for the next attempt. There are three levels of difficulty that can be set.

Difficulty levels:

  • Easy: easier problems, number of equations, number of stages, time per stage, and maximum number of errors per agent
  • Medium: more difficult problems. Other settings are the same as in the easy stage except maximum number of errors are not computed individually, but tallied for the group as a whole 
  • Difficult: even more challenging problems than the other levels


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Instructional Ideas

Instead of working against each other, have students take turns to answer questions with the goal of getting through all the levels together before the time runs out or too many errors are made. 


Classroom Considerations

  • If four agents are playing at a time, you may need to get a headset splitter so they all can listen and play the game When multiple players are playing at one time, they are competing with each other based on speed and accuracy. You may want plan your groups carefully
  • The problems spin around the board as you play the game. Pupils who struggle with reading numbers will find solving these problems extra difficult.
  • Clearly distinguishing between a spinning 6 and 9 can prove problematic for even the most adept players

  • Fun
  • Game-like app

  • The spinning of the problems could be difficult for some