Order of Operations

It's the classic please excuse my dear aunt sally strategy to remembering the order of operations. Young mathematicians practice to develop an understanding of the order of operations. Examples and practice problems include absolute value and evaluating with variables in addition to simple expressions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have your classes use a graphic organizer to record examples of expressions that use order of operations to simplify
  • Ask pupils to record the operation they completed during each step of simplifying; use it as a list to verify they completed order of operations correctly
Classroom Considerations

  • Uses variables in expressions for evaluating, so learners should be proficient with this concept
  • The lesson continues the series of 11

  • Defines the meaning of grouping symbols for the order of operations to go beyond parentheses

  • Includes only basic examples and practice problems requiring one or two steps
Common Core