Organic Solar Energy and Berries

This Organic Solar Energy and Berries lesson plan also includes:

You can eat a solar cell? A unit on solar energy begins with a discussion about organic solar cells, followed by directions on how to build your own. After following the teacher's directions to build an anthocyanin dye-sensitized solar cell, groups then power different electronic devices with the cell.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Collect voltage data and compare the results to other solar cells by plotting them
  • Determine voltage output and calculate the number of cells needed to power specific electronics
Classroom Considerations

  • Be careful with the dye so as not to stain clothing
  • Materials need to be ordered
  • Designed as an "I do, you duplicate" type activity

  • Interesting and unique concept that isn't common in standard curriculum
  • Resource provides extensive background information  

  • Limited guidance on how to check for understanding