Out of Africa: Why Early Humans Settled around the World

This Out of Africa: Why Early Humans Settled around the World activity & project also includes:

Why would someone want to leave home? The age-old question is at the center of a thought-provoking activity. Scholars consider why humans move around the world both during pre-historical times and today using a PowerPoint, reading on archeological evidence for human migration patterns, and activity that asks individuals to evaluate whether reasons for migration involved push or pull factors.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask learners to consider the push-pull factors for human migration using the hands-on activity included with the lesson 
  • Extend the lesson by asking individuals to create other push-pull factors for human migration
Classroom Considerations

  • First of 23 Middle School World History lessons from the Council for Economic Education
  • While title implies the lesson is about Africa, the reading and PowerPoint have little specific information on Africa

  • Hands-on sorting activity encourages critical thinking about human migration
  • Reading and activity are adaptable to a variety of historical content and learning styles

  • Directions not clear for sorting activity