Paper Plate Fishes

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Tropical fish make great art projects! Use paper plates to design, color, and assemble round and oval-shaped fish based on photographs of actual fish found along the Moorea Coral Reef. Kids learn about different fins- including the dorsal, pectoral, median, and pelvic- cutting and pasting them to their fish. They analyze how each fin helps the fish, and predict what would happen if their fish was missing one of these fins.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hang these fish up in the classroom to create a tropical marine ecosystem. Learners can add coral reefs, kelp, sand, and other integral features
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider going over the different fins before handing out art supplies, as learners will be less distracted and more likely to participate

  • Color photographs of tropical fish provide easy reference for students
  • Teacher reference info is easy to read and use when teaching about fish

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