Paper Rockets

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Get first hand experience in rocket building and motion through an easy-to-follow picture and word-based directions sheet. Here, learners build a paper rocket by wrapping and taping paper strips around a pencil, and then launching their creation using a straw.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Launch the rockets and measure their distance to incorporate a learning competition
  • Experiment with fin design; invite scholars to try different fin designs and test which one allows the rocket to fly the farthest 
  • Schedule time to visit the library or download books about rockets that pupils can browse


Classroom Considerations

  • Establish rules and expectations regarding the paper rockets in order to maintain a safe environment
  • Strips of paper, straws, pencils, scissors, and tape are required to complete the activity
  • Consider cutting the strips of paper ahead of time

  • The building aspect and creativity enhances class engagement

  • The rocket's fin design is not provided; create a fin stencil scholars can trace or guide them through the drawing and cutting process
  • These rockets are small as they are built using a writing pencil