Parachute Parade

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Sail to the ground with a parachute activity! Kids construct parachutes out of household items and a toy figure, after brainstorming the best way to reduce drag. Once they test their parachutes, they can adjust their projects to optimize air travel.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Assign as an activity for kids to complete at home with their parents and siblings, and report on the results
  • Split your class into small groups and take to the second floor balcony of your school, with one member of each group on the first floor marking their parachute's time
  • Have kids conduct a research project about women in science, based on the short biography of NASA engineer Laurie Carrillo
Classroom Considerations

  • Doesn't provide a worksheet to record results

  • A fun activity for science learners of all skill levels
  • Great for STEM, GATE, or other extension classes, as well as mainstream classes
  • Provides a teacher worksheet for reference

  • None