Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

This Parallel and Perpendicular Lines worksheet also includes:

Young geometers get some solid skills practice in evaluating slopes. Beginning with the basics of slope through two points and progressing through properties of parallel and perpendicular lines, the building of skills is gradual and supported throughout the pages. Thorough inclusion of horizontal and vertical lines also ensures the class gets practice telling the difference between the frequently confused zero- and infinite-slope cases. An overall excellent learning exercise for reinforcing key basic skills.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Could be used as substitute plans during the relevant unit (or afterward to keep material fresh)
  • Good for skills practice
Classroom Considerations

  • Some graphing calculators will find slope given two points for the students, but this shortcut is avoidable (if desired) by requiring them to show their work in the space provided

  • Carefully laid out and sequential problems progress from basic finding slope to more advanced manipulations
  • Plenty of room on the worksheet for working out problems
  • Good inclusion of horizontal and vertical lines along with more commonly calculated slopes

  • Answer key provided is incomplete
  • Referenced website with videos in the footer of each page is a broken hyperlink
  • No higher-level skill problems involving interpretation, synthesis or application
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