Parts of a Tree

This Parts of a Tree printable & template also includes:

Don't bark up the wrong tree with this set of cards! Seven cards present different parts of a tree, including a trunk, branches, and leaves. A great addition to your science or language arts lesson.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Construct a tree in your classroom, either with paper or different materials, making sure to include each part that is included on the cards
  • Use in a unit about plants or trees
  • Have kids research different types of trees and decide which kinds have acorns, or berries, or blossoms
  • Go on a nature walk and see if kids can identify the different parts of the trees you find
Classroom Considerations

  • Best results if printed in color

  • Provides pictures of each part of the tree for easy understanding
  • Comes with a version that has blank cards for your own words

  • None