Perfect Tenses

This Perfect Tenses interactive also includes:

As you explore the perfect tenses, direct your class to this resource, which provides explanation and examples for reference as well as an online interactive exercise for practice. They can first read up on haber and either continue scrolling or use the menu to jump to a section for each of the tenses: present perfect, pluperfect, future perfect, conditional perfect, present perfect subjunctive, pluperfect subjunctive, and perfect infinitive.

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  • The At a Glance page is useful for quick reference and could easily be made into a hard copy handout
  • Try out Practiquemos!, the online interactive verb conjugation exercise, for the perfect tenses and much more
  • Since every perfect tense is included, some learners might get overwhelmed, especially if they haven't learned all the more basic verb tenses presented
  • While called a lesson, there are no instructional steps listed; this would be more appropriate in a flipped classroom or as inspiration for an in-class lesson