Photosynthesis Activity

This Photosynthesis Activity lesson plan also includes:

When is the last time pupils did a happy dance in class? Scholars act out photosynthesis and dance excitedly in front of the class. The resource also comes with a worksheet for those waiting or who have already completed the activity. This lesson plan works for a variety of learning styles.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Some students may get carried away with their dance, so be ready to set a timer or give a musical cue to encourage them to move on to the next step
Classroom Considerations

  • Encourage only positive words about the movement activity so no one gets teased
  • Required prior knowledge includes: structure of chloroplast, thylakoid, plasma membrane, active and passive transport, concentration gradients, ions, and electrons
  • Be aware of any food allergies

  • Includes accommodation ideas for those with an IEP
  • Full body movements address kinetic learning style
  • Works well for a variety of learning styles

  • Does not include an answer key
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