Phrasal Verbs

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When is a preposition not a preposition? Learn about the role prepositions play in a slideshow presentation about phrasal verbs. As the class watches the presentation, they reinforce their skills with practice activities.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign for homework the night before a lesson on phrasal verbs
  • Prompt learners to write a short story or script using several examples of phrasal verbs, which may include the verbs listed in the presentation
Classroom Considerations

  • The presentation is most suitable for mainstream learners or intermediate to advanced English learners, as the concept and examples might be too complex for beginning English learners or younger members of the class

  • Practice slides work for individual instruction as well as pairs or small groups
  • Animated slides move the instruction along in an engaging way
  • Provides grammar warnings for proper use of phrasal verbs

  • None