Picasso Minibook

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Display knowledge about Pablo Picasso and his works with a folder book. Learners cut out images, paste them into tiny petal books, and then attach those onto folder pages. In the additional space, pupils write about the words of art.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make this into a collaborative activity by asking each member of a group to create one folder page; groups can then staple the pages together along the middle to create a full book
  • Since it would take individuals a long time to cut out all fifteen pieces of artwork, you might ask them to choose four favorite pieces to use on one folder page
  • Use this for a hands-on assessment; have learners create books with the works of art that fit a certain set of criteria or requirements and write about each piece briefly in the space provided
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that there will probably be lots of time spent cutting and pasting, so you'll need to make it clear to students the other tasks to be completed in order to make the activity worthwhile (noting the name of the pieces, determining the period or style, etc.)
  • Comes with images, petal book templates, and folder page templates to print
  • Each page includes instructions on how to proceed
  • None