Picture It In Syllables

This Picture It In Syllables activity & project also includes:

Developing fluency in young readers is a long and difficult journey. This series of eight activities adds a little fun to the process as children play matching and board games, piece together puzzles, and make flip books. Covering a variety of topics from blending and counting syllables to making compound words and adding affixes to base words, this is an excellent resource for building language skills in primary grade learners. Some activities involve direct adult participation making for great assessments of student learning, while others allow for collaboration between peers, offering a range opportunities for children to develop their fluency.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Blank cards are included for each activity so the teacher can supplement words of their own choosing
  • Clear step-by-step directions are provided for each activity or game
  • Includes all supporting materials

  • Requires explicit instruction on the different phonics related topics prior to introducing students to the activities
  • Considerable preparation is required to print, laminate, and cut out the different components of each activity or game