Place Value Lesson

Support your place value instruction with an interactive, visual representation brought to you by a video that showcases the family of hundreds, tens, and ones.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign this video as a math center, or with a substitute
  • This lesson can be conducted by scholars who are familiar with video operation on a computer or mobile learning device 
  • Provide viewers with hundreds, tens, and ones blocks to practice creating the different numbers presented in the video 
  • Give each class member or small group, hundreds, tens, and ones blocks; then call out numbers they must represent using the blocks 
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members should be familiar with hundreds, tens, and ones blocks
  • The video begins without sound; the narrator begins speaking at the five seconds mark 

  • The video explains and compares hundreds, tens, and ones 
  • The narrator asks questions and pauses for learners to respond 

  • The long pauses may cause viewers to lose focus