Placing Events on a Timeline

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This Placing Events on a Timeline organizer also includes:

Put important events in chronological order with a lesson about timelines. With a variety of topics stemming from world history, the packet of worksheets provides analytical activity for learners to decide where certain events fall relative to each other.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include the timelines in your social studies curriculum as they become relevant to the topics your class is studying
  • Use the packet as a way to reinforce informational text analysis
  • Have learners choose another event from history to create their own timeline, complete with comprehension questions for their peers to answer
Classroom Considerations
  • Resource is in color; print a test page to make sure it prints well in black and white
  • Print all 10 versions or choose your favorites and print by page
  • Covers early world exploration, World War I, Thomas Edison, the American Civil War, the automobile industry, the invention of the Internet, classic films, George Washington, the origins of household appliances, and the history of video games
  • Encourages critical reading and placing events in sequential order 
  • Each version comes with a modified worksheet and an answer key
  • None
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