Plagiarism Workshop

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What do George Harrison, Vanilla Ice, and Steven Ambrose all have in common? The Warner Brothers’ films Batman Forever and The Devil’s Advocate? All are guilty of plagiarism. And if you are considering a research project and want to impress on your writers the importance of citing sources, then this resource is a must. By introducing the topic with examples from the visual and performing arts, viewers are immediately engaged and sympathetic to the artist’s point of view. The richly detailed packet, containing all the materials needed and links to additional resources, deserves an honored place in your curriculum database.

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  • Materials can be presented in a one-hour workshop or expanded over the course of a research project
  • Included are audio, visual, and print examples of plagiarism
  • The Copyright Website presents a side-by-side comparison of original and infringed materials
  • Links are provided to all materials



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