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Plate Tectonics: Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Activities

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This Plate Tectonics: Kindergarten Lesson Plans and Activities lesson plan also includes:

This unit focuses primarily on plate tectonics and plate boundaries surrounding continents. It contains pre- and post-lab sections that walk young geologists through plate movements in order to visualize what's going on inside Earth.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Make some of the suggested activity sheets ahead of time
  • Continue with the word wall by adding the new terms to it
Classroom Considerations
  • Assumes kindergarteners are familiar with continents 
  • Review the materials list in each lab before beginning
  • This is the third unit in a series of four centered around the plate tectonics cycle
  • The included workbook comes with all the necessary worksheets for the entire unit
  • Some concepts may prove too advanced for kindergarteners
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