Poetry Appreciation – "The Raven"

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Introduce your class to "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe with this series of activities, exercises, and worksheets. Class members examine an image, analyze a movie trailer, read a prose version of the poem, look up vocabulary, and pick out details from the prose passage before diving into the poem. The first five stanzas are broken up into smaller chunks for reading and analysis. Learners answer questions about each chunk, focusing on rhyme, meaning, personification, and the narrator. Wrap up with one or more of the modern culture options described at the end.

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  • Includes a variety of activities to keep pupils engaged
  • Material is scaffolded to help learners understand this complex text

  • This is only for the first five stanzas of the poem
  • Much of the analysis of the poem is about rhyme; there is potential for deeper analysis