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Why did Vietnam POWs and their families receive more media attention than POWs in previous wars?  To answer this question, class members view artifacts, read articles, and engage in class discussion. Individuals then assume the voice of a POW family member and write letters to the administration acting as a concerned family member of a POW, describe their concerns, and office a possible solution to the conflict.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Extend the letter activity by assigning an additional exercise where learners create a campaign to free their POW family members and present it to the class
  • Differentiate for GATE students by asking them to answer the discussion questions through a video recording or essay
Classroom Considerations
  • The topic of POWs and their treatment is a very sensitive one, whether it be United States POWs or POWs held by the United States; therefore, ensure that a protocol is in place for a safe, respectful discussion
  • 13th segment of a 15-part series

  • Scaffolds learning by beginning with a test for pre-knowledge and going over important basic concepts before continuing with the lesson
  • Puts scholars in the shoes of POW family members
  • Encourages class engagement and healthy debate
  • None