Pre-Test Unit 6: Systems

This Pre-Test Unit 6: Systems assessment also includes:

As if solving equations with an x isn't tricky enough, now they add a y, too? A pre-assessment gauges the knowledge of your classes related to systems. They are asked to solve graphically and algebraically and to solve word problems. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the pre-test to set a baseline and guide future lesson planning, and use the same assessment at the end of the unit to show learning growth
Classroom Considerations

  • Systems are likely a new topic at this level, so pupils may not be able to complete most of the pre-test
  • Resource says to not use a calculator for some parts; adjust if needed to reach your goals
  • Begins a seven-part series of lessons

  • Uses multiple questions for each objective for pupils to show understanding
  • Includes point totals as well as the point breakdown for each question

  • Does not include problems with no solution or infinitely many solutions