Prejudice and Discrimination

This Prejudice and Discrimination worksheet also includes:

How do we break the habit of prejudice? The activities in this packet are designed to promote awareness, harmony, and acceptance. Participants identify their stereotypic beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, reflect to discover the sources of these attitudes, and work toward acceptance of others.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Be sure to carefully debrief after each activity to ensure that participants can decompress
Classroom Considerations

  • The activities require the establishment of a protocol for safe and respectful discussions of sensitive issues
  • The activities are designed for high school and college level classes but can be adapted for younger pupils

  • The 69-page packet includes a variety of activities, each with a materials list, detailed instructions, and information about the research that underpins the activity

  • The approach is very academic; none of the activities include provisions that would help participants work through feelings generated by activities