Preposiciones (Prepositions)

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How did la tarea get en la nevera? Learn to describe many places where homework ends up, including on the table, under the table, to the left of the lamp, and in front of the door with a song and accompanying worksheet on prepositions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Hand out small stuffed animals or action figures, and have learners place their creatures in various places around the classroom before describing each location in proper Spanish
  • After going over the vocabulary, encourage class members to stand up at their desks, and call out various prepositions for them to follow (e.g. debajo de la escritorio, circa de tu amigo)
Classroom Considerations

  • Uses both en la mesa and encima de la mesa to describe the same position
  • Song requires access to the Internet

  • Fun and engaging Spanish grammar practice
  • Pictures are clear and provide effective context clues

  • None