Prescient Grading

This Prescient Grading activity & project also includes:

Do homework grades really determine test scores? Learn whether lines of best fit, correlation coefficients, and residuals can be used to determine test scores when given homework grades. (It would certainly save teachers time in grading tests!)

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend this lesson into a project where learners research real-world data and make predictions based on best-fit lines
Classroom Considerations

  • Some advanced vocabulary is used in the lesson (prescient, attributes, subsequent); ensure vocabulary does not hinder understanding 
  • Requires graphing calculators

  • Worksheets and answer keys are provided for the activity
  • A simulated data set is provided in the resource if real data is not available

  • The teacher's guide focuses on whether the given entries for the homework and test grades seem real, rather than on the relationship between homework and test grades