Preventing Computer Injury

Do your hands cramp up after a long day of typing? Learn the proper and ergonomic ways to type on a keyboard with a helpful "hand" book. From relaxing elbows and wrists to massaging and stretching tired hands, the strategies in the book get young typists to focus on their ideas, rather than on sore joints.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Demonstrate and model how to do hand exercises and stretches in class with a document camera 
  • Copy and laminate illustrations and keep them near your computer station
  • Have learners create illustrated posters of different keyboarding tips
Classroom Considerations

  • Although the resource is old (1990's), it is rich with accurate and important information
  • If computers are not available in your classroom, be sure to schedule time in your school's computer lab
  • Print version is not available, but you can print any selected page of the PDF

  • Provides illustrations for each technique
  • Each section details a different issue one could encounter in keyboarding
  • Helpful for teachers and seasoned professionals as well as pupils

  • None