Primary Source Worksheet: Text of “Prouder, Stronger, Better"

This Primary Source Worksheet: Text of “Prouder, Stronger, Better" worksheet also includes:

Political ads as primary source documents? But of course. Viewers analyze the strategies involved in the Republican Party's 1984 advertisement in support of Ronald Reagan's reelection. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Begin with a mini-lesson on propaganda and rhetoric techniques, and ask viewers to identify the devices used in the ad
  • Contrast the Republican campaign, which largely ignored Mondale and focused on a resurgence of American commerce, with the democratic one by showing a Mondale/Ferraro ad
  • Ask groups to fact-check the information presented in the ad

  • A link to the full text and a video of the ad is provided
  • Response questions are included

  • The question do not direct viewers' attention to the techniques used in the ad
  • The resource assumes readers are familiar with propaganda techniques