Professional Resources to Purchase

Another teacher suggests a great curriculum resource to you, but you just can't remember it! You should have noted it down on this record page, which provides a place to write down the title and author of a great resource as well as why it's so great.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pass this page around at a faculty, PLC, or group meeting; everyone can share their favorite professional resources, and you or someone else can make copies or scan and e-mail the document
  • Keep a Word copy on your computer so that you can type in resources whenever you find them
  • Upload a copy to your Google Drive account or other cloud service and share it with your colleagues
Classroom Considerations

  • See the materials tab for the additional versions of this document

  • Offers a clear and organized way to keep track of professional resources that you'd like to buy for your classroom
  • Comes with several versions, so you can choose to edit the document or print it in another color

  • You may wish to capitalize the words title and author on the Word version