Pronouns: Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns

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This Pronouns: Personal Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns handout also includes:

Which do you use: that or this? Which or where? Me or I? Practice pronoun use with a series of activities that focus on personal and demonstrative pronouns.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage class members to keep the first page of the packet in a language arts notebook or binder as a reference guide
  • Project the activities onto the board to solve as daily warmup assignments
Classroom Considerations
  • The first activity requires use of the first reference page as a word bank; other activities include their own word banks
  • Some parts of the worksheet are in color, but should print in black and white without problems
  • Contains dialect that would be most familiar in British classrooms
  • Does not include an answer key
  • Some of the sentences in the last two activities would be more understandable if rewritten to contain appositive phrases
  • Distinguishes between possessive determiners and possessive pronouns
  • Provides several opportunities to practice demonstrative pronouns, which are often confusing for English learners
  • None
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